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I'm playful and naughty, I'm sensual and kinky, I'm wild and mysterious, I am Elyzabeth or simply Lyz!!!

About me : LyzMania

Hey .. I'm Lyz from Elyzabeth and anyone can find me online under the nickname LyzMania. I see my self as a complex girl with big dreams, a positive attitude and a naughty mind when it comes to sexual live adventures. I currently streaming on multiple platforms and you can find the details lower on this page. I’m originally from Poland, but I currently live, study and stream from Cyprus, Nicosia. I study at the Medical University of Nicosia and my dream is to become a successful dentist in the coming years. I love taking long walks in the nature, I have a forest near the place I live… I also enjoy reading books (I have tons of books) and traveling as often as possible. Even if I am young I visited many places of this world and my plans is to keep it like this forever, I see each travel as a new opportunity to expand my knowledge, see and learn new things that are helpful for my day to day life. It’s also a great way to make new friends especially with the technologies we have in present. As a cam girl I’m one of a few that can stream in real 4k for people that desire an incredible experience, it’s also possible to adjust the streaming resolution in the case you don’t have enough bandwidth. I have a huge collection of outfits, high heels, sex toys and various accessories, just name it and I’m sure I can find something to match your fantasy. I’m streaming pretty often and my schedule is usually night time (GMT +2). I verify my Streamate and OnlyFans messages on a daily basis and I love to respond as quick as possible. If you enjoy this website please leave a comment (you can find the comment form at the bottom of this page)… also if you would like to discover more about me.. just search for LyzMania on Google or any of your favorite search engine!!! Kisses and hugs and cuddles and snuggles Lyz 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋


Here are some details about me:
Zodiac signGemini
HairsLong and brown
Weight54 kilos
Body typePetite
Sexual preferenceBisexual
DrinkNon drinker
SmokeNon Smoker

Whispers in my ears

He excitement rising, pulling her panties to the side rubbing her hot wet opening with his finger

The crisp cool air bites, as he inhales. His body aches from hauling the wood to and fro, making an orderly pile that can be used later to warm he and his lady on those cool Spring evenings. Resting the last piece upon the pile he sees movement in the corner of his eye. Turning, wiping the sweat from his brow, looking though the window he sees the definition of beauty busying herself in the kitchen. Trudging back out into the yard his mind wanders thinking about the beautiful creature in the kitchen. Elizabeth or Lyz to those that know her, kitten, bunny, darling, angel, or beautiful to him, had surprised him by coming up for the upcoming long weekend. He thought back to the previous week how he had been in the garage organizing when two delicate hands had come up from behind him and covered his eyes, "Guess who?" He heard whispered in his ear, a pair of soft full lips pressing to his neck. He had of course responded "Is that the angel that teases me nightly in my dreams?" Turning seeing Lyzzy standing their a small suitcase behind her on the drive. She stood there pale bubblegum pink hair fanning out over the collar of a Kelly green goose down jacket. A grin across her face matching the one across his own. "Lyzzy! KITTEN!" He exclaimed taking her into his arm picking her up in his embrace, softly kissing her. She felt his love and excitement through his kiss; she could also feel his desire poking into her stomach. He finishes putting away the tools and quietly enters the kitchen, where he sees her facing away from the door doing something on the counter. Approaching slowly and softly behind her, reaching out encompassing her in his arms kissing the side of her neck. She jumps startled and then asks "All done? You heading to take a shower now?" "Yeah, I'm done. It's all stacked up and ready to be used in the fireplace on the deck. Shower? Hmm, that's not a bad idea." Dropping his voice to a whisper brushing his lips over her ear "Was that a question to join me, Darling? Or 💋 would 💋 you 💋 like 💋 for me to come find you once I'm clean? Kiss💋😏" Turning in his arm, looking up at him, "Well if you wait a couple minutes I can put dinner on the oven and we could go have desert before dinner." He smirks leaning down and kiss her again. He would never tire of kissing her the feeling of her lips to his alway send an electric shock through him. Pulling back kissing along her neck. Her head leaning back, stretching her neck. Ascending up growls, "Why wait? Let's have desert right now and forget about dinner. Why don't we stretch the desert course to last until morning?" Lifting her up upon the counter, the cool hard surface pressing against her thin cotton pants. Pushing the dish she had been preparing aside. His lips pressed to hers, her hands traveling over his chest wandering up to comb through his beard. Removing the rubber band holding it in a braid. Combing through releasing into a wild fluffy mass. Their lips still locked together, tongues playing across each other. His hands wander over her body, caressing over her chest down to her waist, gripping it pulling her close, wandering back up to caress and run his fingers though her own head, massaging her scalp with his finger tips. Their kiss breaking, both their breaths ragged. Gasping "So were you out there the entire time thinking about how you were going to ravish me when you came in?" His own breath ragged, "No not until I saw you standing in the kitchen did I feel a wanting desire to take you and tease and ravishing both your mind and body, kitten. His hand toying with the button clasping her pants closed. Releasing it, slipping his hand into her shorts. Rubbing her through her panties, a slight moisture welling up. His other hand lifting her shirt, exposing her light pink tipped nipples. Diving taking one into his mouth swirling his tongue about it. He feels the nipple hardening in his mouth, flicking a rouge over her rising excitement. Rubbing his fingers over her sex, her head drifting back. Raising her hands, gripping the vaccine of his head pulling him to her bosom. Encouraging him to take as much of her into his hot moist suckling mouth. He excitement rising, pulling her panties to the side rubbing her hot wet opening with his finger. Easily slipping in slowly his finger starts pumping into her, curling his finger. While teasing her bosom with both his mouth and hand. Pinching and rolling her between his fingers. While suckling pulling away from her, her flushed breast pulled from his mouth with a loud pop each time. Her moans and cries of pleasure encouraging him on-wards. Slipping another finger into her, stretching her slightly slips another finger. Three fingers stretching her, a deep moan emanating from her. Curdled finger tips rubbing along the top of her sex. Increasing his tempo, the pulsing contractions of her body telling him she was close. His teasing hand moved to the other breast tugging, pinching, tugging, rolling. And moving his mouth to her other breast suckling deep. Her head throws back in pleasure. Her sex clamping upon his fingers, but he continues thrusting into her. Stoking the fires of her pleasure higher. As her orgasm ceased her breath coming in ragged gasps. He gives her breast a playfully nip. She remarks "How about we both go get cleaned..."


What do you think about my sexy pics?
When I am on webcam, streaming for my viewers I simply love to smile, dance, chat, laugh and play in erotic ways. My ultimate goal is to make people happy, if my viewers are happy I'm too!!!

SLAP SLAP Adventures

A delightful sex story sent by a dear friend!!!

His hands moving cupping her taunt ass, supporting her decent and digging his fingers into her ass. Slowly the head parting her, sliding in. Until her baby soft thighs rest upon his. Completely inside her, filling her desire. Pausing for a moment as his girth stretches her. Looking into his steel blue eyes as he gazes lovenly into her chocolate and honey eyes. Lovenly, gently kissing each other. His hand winding back, then slapping against her ass, SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Each one punctuated by a small gasp and squeak of pleasure. Lyz starts slowly pumping along his length, his grip on her ass restraining her tempo. She wants to just ride him fast and hard. Slowly her tempo builds, faster and faster. The hot lavender scented water, cold compared to the heat of their passion, undulating with their motions rising up splashing across their skin. Lyzzy's hand roam wildly over him, gliding across his chest up briefly combing through his beard. All the while his mouth suckles upon her bouncing breasts. Alternating between her bountiful rosey pink tipped titties, flicking across the perk nipples, tugging teasingly as the pull from his hot mouth. His hands still gripping her firm milky flesh relishing the feeling of her slapping against his thighs. Stiffening his grip upon her ass halting the tempo. "Why don't I take over for a bit?" Pushing her up, rising with her. Standing face-to-face leaning down kissing her once again, tenderly caressing her face. He takes her arm and turns her away from him, pulling her down so that she can brace upon the tubs edge. His presence emanating right behind her kneeling form, ass thrust out towards him. His hand roaming over her ass, SLAP!, "Oh!" She cries. Next feeling the head of his cock rubbing between her lips, thrusting into her stretching her sex, he hears a purr of pleasure pumping into her.

Starting with a slow even tempo, ass slapping into him. His hands roaming over her back, rising combing through her hair grasping a hand full and pulling her towards him. Increasing his tempo a careful balance of pain and pleasure racing through her nerves. His tempo increasing , slap...slap..slap. slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Their cries and grunts of pleasure echoing off the walls, a duet of pleasure. The wall of her pussy trembling upon his shaft his own balls churning with his cum. Deepening his thrusts, she felt his motions driving into her knowing he was close, cried out "Oh, yes give it to me. Cum deep inside of me!" Her words increasing his passion his hands dropping to her shoulders pulling her hard against him with each thrust. Gritting his teeth restraining his orgasm until she had felt hers. Unable to restrain, the soft silky embrace of her pussy along with her words tipped him over the edge. With a final thrust arching into her driving himself deep, spurting his hot load into her. She felt him cumming setting off her own orgasm, milking his to new heights. Both of them building the other's in a continuous feedback cycle. Until finally spent gasping for air, she could feel his heart beating a tempo against her back, quipped "Well we still could take a shower." The started laughing and slid back into the tub chuckling. She slid back also nestled in his embrace. 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

Extra images slideshow

Some pictures from places I visited recently!!!!!

Cuddling in the bath tub

An erotic thought about having fun in the water!!!

The water level just right, he steps into the tub slowly lowering into the hot water the lavender laden air wafting about him. Rising up off the surface caressing her cheek as his hand had done briefly before. He sits, the water just over his thighs plenty of room for the water to rise and fall matching their actions. His gaze falls upon her as she turns away from him, looking over her shoulder teasing him with her sensual gaze and encouraging smile. Her hands crossing over her waist, each hand gripping the hem of her shirt. Slowly pulling the shirt up exposing her mouth watering skin centimeter by centimeter, always looking over her shoulder pleased to see both his excitement jutting from the water and the wide easing going smile across his face. His hand moves to grip his shaft and she begins lowering her shirt. "Oh, so I'm just supposed to gaze upon your sexy visage but not enjoy it yet?" She giggles and starts pulling off the shirt again, pulling it up over her head arms uncrossing. The shirt drops to the floor as she cups a breast in each hand Turning to face him. He crawls towards her getting right up next to the tubs edge and lays his warm wet hand upon her thighs. "Need a hand?" As his hand glide up her legs, fingers hooking into the waist band. Looking up her light pink and mahogany golden hair framing her angelic features a mischievous and curious smile curling her lips. The expression driving him mad. Starting to pull the shorts down. "No... use your teeth..." smiling he extends up, braced upon the tub, pitching the navy cotton between his teeth. The smell of her recent orgasm filling his nose, raising his desire. Flicking his tongue across the material lapping across fresh moisture. Pulling the shorts down their gazes locked as the short reach her knees switching to pull with his hand. His mouth moving to lap across her sex slipping his tongue between her pressed lips.

Rubbing between them, just as he had see her do with her lithe fingers. Retreating, offering his hand to help secure her entrance into the tub. Moving back giving her room. Guiding her down as she sits her back pressed to his chest, his sex pressed between them. Slowly trusting his hips, a low growl emanating at the feeling of her slick flesh against his. Her head resting upon his chest looking up at him. Leaning down kissing her lips, hand snaking up to gently tease a nipple his other hand resting upon her waist meander over her stomach brushing under her breath down to pressing his hand against her mound slowly circulating motions. Their kisses passionate but fleeting, short hot kisses each one broken to catch their breaths. She turns rising to her knees turning in front of him. His eyes lock to her slowly drift down over her Greek goddess body, leaning forward tounge flicking across an erect nipple, moving to tease the other the same. Sucking her into his hot wet mouth, the moisture indicating just how much his mouth craved the delicate taste of her skin. Her hands roaming over his back rising over his shoulders, resting upon his head pulling him into her. Slowly moving around each other, u til she straddled his legs, his erection tantalizing close to her lips. His mouth releasing her with a loud pop moving to the other, his hand replacing to rub and tease. She leans away her hand moving between them gripping his shaft. Rubbing his head between her lips. His teeth lightly grazing over her nipple, as she pulls away increasing the pressure tugging. She feels the vibration of his moan of pleasure vibrating through her suckled breast. Continuing to rub between her lips, slowly preparing for him to spread her, filling her burning desire. Slowly lowering upon him, taking him into her centimeter by painfully delectable centimeter...

Desire for more i'm here for you

I love to be me, weird, naughty, sensual and always with a smile on my face!

Military camouflage outfit

I simply love my military girl outfit, it gives me a lot of confidence when I ware it, I imagine that I'm some sexy captain giving orders to fresh recruits hehehe I also love how my pussy looks in those panties... it's like she's getting ready to go out. I hope you like also my black leather boots with high heel it's the perfect combination to get dominant. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think about my outfit in the comments area bellow!!! 

Sexy selfie with a big smile

Since the selfie was invented I think I've made a couple of thousands, I just love talking selfies in the mirror... I never get bored!!! In this picture I tried to put in evidence my sweet bum bum and I like to imagine on how it can be taken from behind. You should know that I enjoy anal sex and I often do it in my live sex shows using a variety of sex toys including lovense lush, which is an interactive toy that can be controlled by you.. it vibrates when you give tips for example...

I just love my black high heels

I have a huge collection of high heels and I know many of you adore to see a young wild lady wearing all kind of sexy heels. If you have this feet fetish or high heels fetish I'm more then happy to satisfy your deepest erotic fantasies so please don't hesitate to visit my chat rooms or my OnlyFans page (LyzMania)... I assure you that you won't regret this choice. In case you have a different kind of fetish just let me know in my live chat room and I will try to make it as real as possible just for you!!!

Why don't we undress each other?

Things are getting spicy in this sexy story!!!!

She giggled as she make her last comment. His lips softly kissing along her neck, his reply muffled. She pushes him away quizzically. "Hmmm. That sounds like an excellent idea." His hands sliding down to grasp her waist, lifting her from the counter. Pulling her towards him, cradling her in his arms kissing her forehead as he moves from the kitchen ferrying her to the shower. Upon entering the bathroom. Her feet alighting upon the cool stone tile. He turns to turn on the shower, her hand resting upon his arm, " wait, why don't we take a bath instead?" As she eyes the large expanse of white porcelain, a shade paler than her own now flushed and rosy skin. Her cheeks glowing from her recent orgasm. Stepping up behind him, her hands traveling over his broad strong back whispering to him " Why don't we undress each other? I want to feel your body tense while I tease off your clothes." Finger tips lightly grazing over his neck trailing along his back settling upon the waist band of his tight jeans. Traveling lower cupping his ass squeezing his firm cheeks. He tenses his ass and hears her surprised gasp and her girlish giggle. All the while a chill of excitement shoots from the crown of his head through his body, some how following the pace of her caresses down his body. Her hands once again acceding, slipping under his shirt gradually lifting it exposing his broad back the faint outline of muscles she could see and felt as her finger tips traced their shape. Continuing up under his arms, her hands gliding along his toned arms urging the shirt off. With his shirt off she gently indicates for him to rotate, her gaze roaming over his body devouring the sight in front of her. Her hands reverently extend, a slight tremble of anticipate apparent. Laying her hands upon his chest, long lithe fingers combing through the thick thatch of hair covering his torso. Leaning forward soft lips pressing to his chest, peppering across his pecs. Sucking a nipple into her mouth, his hand rising, stroking her hair. Her hands wrestling to unfastened his thick swatch of leather belt. She had in the past imagined his slapping this strip across her milky pear shaped ass or clinching it about her neck using it as a lead to tell her how he wanted to take and ravish her body. In the privacy of these dreams she had called him 'Master'. She could feel a slight moistening of her lips as she thought of these fantasies. Pulling the tongue free her nimble fingers jumped to the button, in a instant no longer a barrier. Then as her fingers grasped the zipper tongue. He reached out and tilts her head up, once again kissing her full lips. She pulls the zipper down, looking into his steel grey and blue eyes she feels a hot and throbbing protrusion spring up hitting her hand as his pants fall, pooling about his feet. She sees a primal desire and an brazier of passion burning deep within his gaze, flare as his sex meets her burning hot palm. She grins and steps back from him, her gaze traveling over his body resting upon his virile sex. He reaches out to undress Lyzzy. At which point she scampers back giggling. "Oh, why don't you start drawing the bath and then I'll giving you a little show?" He turns away Turning on the taps, Lyz quickly steps up behind hi pressing herself against him. He feels her erect nipples through her shirt digging into his back. Her hand snaking around, grasping his shaft and slowly starts stroking him watching the water level rise as his cock hardens further in her hand. Languidly stroking him, teasing prolonging his pleasure. As the level approaches the desired level he pours into the tub Lavender scented bath salts....

Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.
Eleanor Roosevelt

My bucket list for the next 10 or more years

Here is a short list of the things I want to do in my life
So here is my short bucket list:

1. To finish my Medical Dental University and become a popular dentist

2. To get to travel on at least 5 continents

3. To read 1000 books and more if possible

4. To try scuba diving

5. To invent something that no one thought about it no matter how insignificant this invention would be

6. To drive a super car even if it's not mine

7. To try bungee jumping at least once in my life

8. To save a strained living creature and offer him/her a better live

9. Donate some cash to a good cause

10. Last but not least, probably the most important.. to have my own child/childrens and be a perfect mother!!!

I also have an active account on OnlyFans with a very affordable monthly plan, for just $10 per month you can enjoy hundreds of high quality pictures and even 4k videos and I also add new content as often as I can!!!

OnlyFans Lyzmania

In a cabin nestled high upon this mountain

Yeah, he knew the right choice and knew he should never turn down an opportunity like this

High in the Blueridge a heavy rolling mist roiling over the ground, obscuring everything below. Rays of sun light dappled down, filtered through the thick canopy of cedar trees. The scent of cedar wafts through the air, a clear crisp scent rousing individuals from their slumber or aiding in the process of those drinking their morning fix of caffeine.

In a cabin nestled high upon this mountain, among a row of similar looking rough hewn cabins. Laying upon a thin mattress. Was a couple nestled in each other's arms, bedded together in a sleeping bag. Softly slumbering in an cocoon of warmth of each other's arms. Slowly roused from their sleep by the calls of a crazy old timer to the camp, "Polar Bear!" They hear him cry, "Pooolar Bear!" Annoyed, Lyz pokes him and demands to know why there is a guy yelling outside the cabin. Grogly answering, "He's calling people to an early morning activity. It's where people go down to the waterfront and jump into the spring cooled lake. It's very invigorating. Do you want to go do it?" Blearly opening his eyes, his gaze being met with daggers. "Okay. Okay no need to mentally kill me. Since we're up do you want to go get a cup of coffee before breakfast?" He feels her hands moving under the covers as she shimmies and slowly pulls her hand out, gripping her recently worn panties. Tossing them away and moving closer to him, "Well since we're both up. You could leave this nice warm bed and get a cup of coffee or crazily go jump in a lake. Or..." her hand trailing down over his chest, slipping into his pants slowly stroking him. His erection quickly rising to press into her palm. "You could stay right here and satisfy another hunger before breakfast." Yeah, he knew the right choice and knew he should never turn down an opportunity like this. Pulling her close kissing her forehead, "Are you feeling playful, Kitten?" Her face nestled in his chest, a feeling of serenity and peace falling upon her. Along with a rising desire deep within her. Pulling away their lips met, her hand wrapped about him. His slowing working it's way between them, a teasing finger rubbing between her lips, slowing rubbing. The heel of his hand grinding into her mound small firm circular motions. Her hand languidly moving along his shaft. Her nipples hardening against his chest, the thin cloth of her shirt rubbing between them. There mouths locked together, tongues running over each other. Only breaking apart fore mere moments, their breaths condensing in the cold air about them. But in the sleeping bag both the temperature and their passion is rising. She breaks their embrace turing away from him. Backing up pressing against him. He pushes back pinning her between the cool wall and his throbbing, hot, stone hard cock pressing into her. His hand still teasing her, his fingers sickening with her excitement. His own flowing from him, her delicate hand reaches around, rubbing a thumb across the head lubricating it preparing him for when he would thrust into her. Filling her completely pulling her against him, hot breath radiating across her neck. His hot lips kissing her back and along her neck. He hand moves from her, tilting her away from him. She feels him sliding down between her cheeks, his excitement spreading along his path. Slowing advancing, he mind a chaotic storm of feelings he length seems to go on forever. Until, she feels him pressing against her sliding further down. Rubbing himself between her lips, the head pressed between her thighs pumping, rubbing against her opening. His hand slipped beneath her shirt, her breast grasped within. Her erect nipple rubbing against his fiery hand, she can feel the heat of his passion corsing through his veins. As he pulls back her hand reaches down gripping the shaft, murmuring "That's enough of that. Just take what we both know you want." He thrust forward slowly, her hand guiding him, filling her. Her shudders against his chest telling he all he need to know. Her hand now rapidly rubbing her clit his thrusting slowly increasing, trying to match her tempo. Each thrust feeling deeper than the last. His movements becoming rougher, losing himself in his pleasure. Her moans rising and falling with each thrust. Her pussy clamping down upon him, her body racked with pleasure. Her orgasm ripping through her. He unable to restrain himself, pulling her to him thrust deep. His orgasm shooting deep within her, ropes of his seed spurting into her. Their passion shaking the very building. Panting, "Well that was a hell of a way to wake-up." Kissing along her neck, playfully tugging upon her nipple. She remarks over her shoulder, "And yet I still feel peckish. Care to join me in the shower for another round?" Shimming back against him, she feels him rising again and hears. "Why wait for the shower?" As his hand slips lower, teasing her for another round.

Females are the most beautiful, gorgeous creatures in the whole world. And I think that we are gorgeous no matter what size we are.
Alicia Keys

Some recent pics

A collection of recently created images, I hope you enjoy and please don't hesitate to leave a comment bellow!!!

Contact me

Feel free to ask me any question if you would like to know more!


Don't hesitate to let me know your feedback about me and my content, thank you very much!!! XOXOXOXO
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04/18/2021 11:22
I just wanted to tell you how much I think about you and that you are one of the most beautiful woman in this entire world! When I see your pictures on my computer background, my heart just starts beating faster. Like I said before I love the ones where your in the field leaning up against the hay roll, but I also love the ones where your sitting in the surf with your chest exposed. Such beautiful breasts you have too! The perfect size.
03/31/2021 12:18
It's very easy to admire and comment on someone so beautiful (You). Some people might find reason to judge others for what they do, but I am not one of them. To judge others means that one must be ready to accept judgement from others as well.
03/29/2021 11:46
LyzMania, is totally amazing. She is a dream come true. A delight to be with in every sense of the word. Thank you so much :)
03/19/2021 12:23
I would make sure every part of your body was worshiped, I will tease and touch your body until you are begging for me to take you and leave a hot load of cum inside each of your holes, starting with your mouth where we can see how deep you can take my 6" cock and you can swallow the reward at the end of it all. Then on to your pussy, I will eat it out until you cum before pounding it hard ;) finally we shall leave a load in your arse, you can push the cum out for me so we can see it dribble out and maybe you can lick my cock clean afterwards like a good girl xx
03/18/2021 19:19
Above all else, you are a muse to be adored for her vibrant sexuality from afar and no more. You are a beautiful gift to be opened again and again on my computer. I can't wait to talk you into a few sexy role-plays where you bring that beautiful pussy of yours to climax at the very end!
03/16/2021 21:45
You are by far the most gorgeous and sexy woman that this world has ever seen
03/16/2021 21:36
Your body is a true work of art. Perfectly proportioned from head to toe, your breasts are just the right size, your body goes utterly feline when you're sexually aroused and when you play with your pussy it is absolutely amazing to watch. Your smile is infectious, Lyz!
03/15/2021 11:41
Such a gorgeous young lady!!!
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